Week 8: A School of Decreative Methodologies

Hi Everyone,

This Tuesday is another event in a year-long series of weekly conversations and exhibits in 2010 shedding light on examples of Plausible Artworlds.

We’ll be talking with some of the instigators and founding users of A School of Decreative Methodologies, an as yet unnamed, usership-based initiative favoring decreative approaches to knowledge production. It decreative process is not classroom based, nor even linked to any site at all, but is deployed through a series of collegial moments. Its objectives and structure are perhaps best summed up by its founding Charter, according to which it is:

A collegial moment without students, without teachers, without walls, without curricula, in rupture with all notions that institute art and how it is taught. The initiative accompanies forms of usership disposed to sundering art from itself.

  1. The college’s goal is to activate practices whose purpose and finality is not art.
  2. It asserts its institutional exodus.
  3. It deploys and takes form through satellite propositions, which are at once extradisciplinary and depersonalized.
  4. It functions on the basis of users alone, impugning any binary opposition between teachers / students, experts / non-experts.
  5. It operates through networks with or without affinities.

The initiative emerged in 2008 as an “extension” of the the Paris Biennale (http://www.biennaledeparis.org/) — an exhibitionless biennale, lasting two years (instead of taking place every two years) comprised of practices outside the regime of spectatorship. Recently it has asserted its autonomy from the Biennale.