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Created on 2010-04-27 21:45:05.


BASEKAMP team: 18:06:40
hey everyone... we're running a few mins behind
BASEKAMP team: 18:06:42
BASEKAMP team: 18:07:16
Stephen just texted, says they're on their way & we shoud give em 10 mins (or so)
Maria Kelley: 18:07:32
BASEKAMP team: 18:07:37
smiley smiley smiley  smiley smiley smileysmiley smileysmiley smileysmiley smileysmiley smileysmiley smileysmiley smileysmiley smileysmiley smileysmiley smileysmiley smiley smiley  smiley smiley smileysmiley smileysmiley smileysmiley smileysmiley smileysmiley smileysmiley smileysmiley smileysmiley smileysmiley smileysmiley smiley smiley  smiley smiley smileysmiley smileysmiley smileysmiley smileysmiley smileysmiley smileysmiley smileysmiley smileysmiley smileysmiley smileysmiley smiley smiley  smiley smiley smileysmiley smileysmiley smileysmiley smileysmiley smileysmiley smileysmiley smileysmiley smileysmiley smileysmiley smileysmiley smiley smiley  smiley smiley smileysmiley smileysmiley smileysmiley smileysmiley smileysmiley smileysmiley smileysmiley smileysmiley smileysmiley smileysmiley smiley smiley  smiley smiley smileysmiley smileysmiley smileysmiley smileysmiley smileysmiley smileysmiley smileysmiley smileysmiley smileysmiley smileysmiley smiley smiley  smiley smiley smileysmiley smileysmiley smileysmiley smileysmiley smileysmiley smileysmiley smileysmiley smileysmiley smileysmiley smiley
Maria Kelley: 18:07:54
alright alright..  lol
BASEKAMP team: 18:08:09
BASEKAMP team: 18:08:11
hi mom
Maria Kelley: 18:09:17
hi Scott!  smiley
Maria Kelley: 18:12:08
my mic isn't working.  smiley
BASEKAMP team: 18:12:13
BASEKAMP team: 18:12:24
you can just liten if you want... and type in here
Maria Kelley: 18:12:58
okay, sounds good.  hope I can hear something.  nothing yet.
BASEKAMP team: 18:13:12
haven;t started yet
Maria Kelley: 18:13:17
oh, hehe
Maria Kelley: 18:13:39
well, that would make all the difference!  smiley
BASEKAMP team: 18:16:00
so we're looking @ the Ashkal Alwan site now, while we wait for the Beiruit-ers to join
BASEKAMP team: 18:16:05
how's everyone doing?
BASEKAMP team: 18:16:17
not *everyone*... ;0 how are you all doing?
alemcj" title="salemcj">salem collo-julin: 18:16:51
hi all - can you post the url? thanks!
BASEKAMP team: 18:17:13
oh snap
BASEKAMP team: 18:17:34
specific infos about tonight
Maria Kelley: 18:17:46
I'm doing well.  no sound on my end yet.
BASEKAMP team: 18:18:29
hi Stephen, Nato & Greg!
BASEKAMP team: 18:19:00
it's a beautiful breezy day in Phildelphia... a few people here right now, more walking in
BASEKAMP team: 18:19:16
but maybe we shuld get this party started since you guys are calling from 1am >smiley
gregory sholette: 18:19:16
And Judi Werthein
gregory sholette: 18:19:23
yes yes yes
gregory sholette: 18:19:43
can you add rashasalti
BASEKAMP team: 18:19:56
yes, but... i don't have the contact here
eandockray" title="seandockray">Sean Dockray: 18:20:53
bummer stf cant catch a break
BASEKAMP team: 18:21:06
can you pass the skypename our way?
BASEKAMP team: 18:21:14
Sean ?
BASEKAMP team: 18:21:24
break?  smiley
eandockray" title="seandockray">Sean Dockray: 18:21:33 is using an older version of Skype that does not support multi-person chats and therefore can't join
BASEKAMP team: 18:21:48
ohhhh.. but looks like she's in now, no?
tefpasquini" title="stefpasquini"> 18:21:57
really? I thought I was up to date
BASEKAMP team: 18:22:00
well.. let's try
BASEKAMP team: 18:22:12
sometimes skype gives us random errors that don't not suck
tefpasquini" title="stefpasquini"> 18:22:23
I'm in the chat, I'm not in the call though
gregory sholette: 18:22:30
ok lets go
BASEKAMP team: 18:22:48
right, we haven't started yet. do we need 1 more person on your end?
gregory sholette: 18:23:00
look likes shes asleep!!
gregory sholette: 18:23:14
It's late here
BASEKAMP team: 18:23:17
yeah, we can get started & add her later ---- ah, that'd xplain it!
gregory sholette: 18:23:22
call us
BASEKAMP team: 18:23:23
ok, calling now
BASEKAMP team: 18:23:39
welcome so welcome Stephen Wright, Greg Scholette, Nato Thompson, Judi Werthein in Beirut
alemcj" title="salemcj">salem collo-julin: 18:24:08
wow, that was amazing
Maria Kelley: 18:24:16
Maria here
Maria Kelley: 18:24:21
just listening
eandockray" title="seandockray">Sean Dockray: 18:29:30
i'm listening and its clear
tefpasquini" title="stefpasquini"> 18:29:50
sound's good here in italy
Maria Kelley: 18:30:10
I'm listening and the sound is very clear
Maria Kelley: 18:30:31
how's the weather in Italy?
tefpasquini" title="stefpasquini"> 18:30:44
getting warmer!
Maria Kelley: 18:31:15
cool!  lol
tefpasquini" title="stefpasquini"> 18:32:04
although i am about to fall asleep (nothing to do with you guys - i'm overworked lately!)
tefpasquini" title="stefpasquini"> 18:32:29
it's 12,30 am here
Maria Kelley: 18:32:31
I can relate.  smiley
Maria Kelley: 18:32:33
BASEKAMP team: 18:32:44
Nato, Theresa says "yo whatsup!"
tefpasquini" title="stefpasquini"> 18:32:51
much later in beirut!
Maria Kelley: 18:33:11
I'm in Georgia, USA   It's 6:30 PM here
BASEKAMP team: 18:33:19
smiley  smiley  smiley  smiley  smiley  smiley smiley  smiley  smiley  smiley  smiley  smiley smiley  smiley  smiley  smiley  smiley  smiley smiley  smiley  smiley  smiley  smiley  smiley smiley  smiley  smiley  smiley  smiley  smiley smiley  smiley  smiley  smiley  smiley  smiley smiley  smiley  smiley  smiley  smiley  smiley smiley  smiley  smiley  smiley  smiley  smiley smiley  smiley  smiley  smiley  smiley  smiley
Maria Kelley: 18:33:31
Beirut!  wow!!!
tefpasquini" title="stefpasquini"> 18:33:32
BASEKAMP team: 18:33:58
BASEKAMP team: 18:36:35
aharon add you to the call now
BASEKAMP team: 18:39:03
aharon smiley
BASEKAMP team: 18:39:42
can you type the names of the artists in?
Aharon: 18:39:59
hiyas! smiley
BASEKAMP team: 18:46:11
we're looking @ Judi... do you think this is a good place to get a sense of some of what you're talking about?
alemcj" title="salemcj">salem collo-julin: 18:47:03
basekamp can you call me in again? I had to cut out for a bit, thanks
BASEKAMP team: 18:47:13
salem yea --- calling u again
gregory sholette: 18:47:13
alemcj" title="salemcj">salem collo-julin: 18:47:43
BASEKAMP team: 18:47:53
np >smiley
alemcj" title="salemcj">salem collo-julin: 18:49:21
Maria Kelley: 18:49:27
awww..  that's so sweet!
BASEKAMP team: 18:49:35
you guys are gonna love that we're looking at the site through GOOGLE TRANSLATE!
BASEKAMP team: 18:50:07
smiley  smiley  smiley smiley  smiley  smiley ( smiley smiley  smiley  smiley smiley  smiley  smiley ( smiley smiley  smiley  smiley smiley  smiley  smiley ( smiley smiley  smiley  smiley smiley  smiley  smiley ( smiley smiley  smiley  smiley smiley  smiley  smiley ( smiley smiley  smiley  smiley smiley  smiley  smiley ( smiley smiley  smiley  smiley smiley  smiley  smiley ( smiley smiley  smiley  smiley smiley  smiley  smiley ( smiley smiley  smiley  smiley smiley  smiley  smiley ( smiley smiley  smiley  smiley smiley  smiley  smiley ( smiley
alemcj" title="salemcj">salem collo-julin: 18:50:13
oh no remix sound happening
alemcj" title="salemcj">salem collo-julin: 18:50:28
BASEKAMP team: 18:50:30
oops.. better
Maria Kelley: 18:50:31
sound is mixed, can't understand
BASEKAMP team: 18:50:32
Maria Kelley: 18:50:40
gregory sholette: 18:51:24
posted file IMG_3678.JPG to members of this chat<files alt=""><file size="659675" index="0">IMG_3678.JPG</file></files>
Aharon: 18:52:03
sounds like us army lingo of good/bad guys..? m looking for the uglies.. (where's the mirrir? smiley)
alemcj" title="salemcj">salem collo-julin: 18:52:15
Nato - is that because it's in Beirut?
BASEKAMP team: 18:52:25
like the dark side & the jedi
Aharon: 18:52:36
who paid their flights?
BASEKAMP team: 18:53:21
we got you photo
BASEKAMP team: 18:53:43
smiley  smiley  smiley  smiley smiley  smiley  smiley  smiley
BASEKAMP team: 18:53:51
we need greg in the photo
BASEKAMP team: 18:54:04
behind the pic
BASEKAMP team: 18:54:26
ok, we see you in the reflection in the beer bottle Greg
Aharon: 18:56:55
so.. what kind of !="academy" is it?
Maria Kelley: 18:56:57
sound is bad again  : -(
BASEKAMP team: 18:57:18
BASEKAMP team: 18:57:36
the sound is much better!
BASEKAMP team: 18:57:42
tefpasquini" title="stefpasquini"> 18:57:44
gregory sholette: 18:57:44
call us back
alemcj" title="salemcj">salem collo-julin: 18:57:45
Perhaps a later ? -- is the work that people brought there reflecting that same kind of "warring/disaster area tourism" that is bringing lots of interest to the "novelty" of art in beirut? & can those who have been in this situation as observers/participants reflect upon this?
alemcj" title="salemcj">salem collo-julin: 18:57:51
later after the call comes back and all that was just said is repeated of course
Aharon: 18:57:53
plus why is it that the speaker sounds so sourprised about capital checking hip "new" locals?
BASEKAMP team: 18:57:58
hey guys, looks like wireless dropped here for a secccccc
BASEKAMP team: 18:58:05
calling bak]
Maria Kelley: 18:58:20
i can hear
eanstoops" title="seanstoops">Sean Stoops: 18:58:42
OK I hear loud and clear!
tefpasquini" title="stefpasquini"> 18:58:48
me 2
Maria Kelley: 18:59:02
alemcj" title="salemcj">salem collo-julin: 18:59:10
interesting point, stephen!
BASEKAMP team: 18:59:17
"it's like it really mattered... it's as if art actually had a role in the production of the public sphere.."
Aharon: 18:59:19
what kind of "art" is "art" practice in beirut?
Aharon: 19:01:03
examples of discussion topics..?
Maria Kelley: 19:02:38
oh, let's hope not
BASEKAMP team: 19:02:39
Aharon: 19:02:58
any concrete examples of what he said? (the allah guy..)
Aharon: 19:03:37
what is "art power"??
alemcj" title="salemcj">salem collo-julin: 19:05:03
so the students that we're talking about are teenagers? did I get that right? that's really interesting
gregory sholette: 19:05:13 the homeworkw forum program is on the site
BASEKAMP team: 19:05:19
haha greg!
BASEKAMP team: 19:05:24
BASEKAMP team: 19:06:13
hi megfrisch!
Meg Frisch: 19:06:20
BASEKAMP team: 19:06:31
you have headphones at the UX conference? or text-only?
Meg Frisch: 19:06:41
UX show & tell smiley I have headphones
BASEKAMP team: 19:06:45
smiley  smiley  smiley smiley  smiley  smiley smiley  smiley  smiley smiley  smiley  smiley smiley  smiley  smiley smiley  smiley  smiley smiley  smiley  smiley smiley  smiley  smiley smiley  smiley  smiley smiley  smiley  smiley smiley  smiley  smiley smiley  smiley  smiley smiley  smiley  smiley smiley  smiley  smiley smiley  smiley  smiley
Meg Frisch: 19:06:46
I can keep one ear in & one ear out.
BASEKAMP team: 19:07:06
so add you to the audio right (megrfrisch)?
BASEKAMP team: 19:07:37
assuming yes
alemcj" title="salemcj">salem collo-julin: 19:08:59
that's interesting - the idea that a leader would be talking about a difference between "popular" & "elite" culture, not at all an American idea
BASEKAMP team: 19:09:04
stephen  smiley
Aharon: 19:10:31
hills.. and sea..
Aharon: 19:11:13
good point - salem! smiley
alemcj" title="salemcj">salem collo-julin: 19:12:47
that's a really good point - & think of that in terms of the difference between elite culture and other cultures
Aharon: 19:12:53
r u saying they were all educated by ralph nader..? smiley
alemcj" title="salemcj">salem collo-julin: 19:13:10
(point that Judi made about artists being educated outside of region)
Aharon: 19:13:30
yup.. a bad smile re that..
Aharon: 19:14:31
the binary though, of elite vs popular is also interesting because it it a western construct - by enlarge - however it is bloody usefyl for control..
Aharon: 19:15:41
does not feel set???!!! maybe it is set - but not feeling like..?
alemcj" title="salemcj">salem collo-julin: 19:16:26
that's amazing, so then almost all decisions are in flux - talk about powerful lobbyists!
Aharon: 19:16:31
are these religious - or tribal groups..?
BASEKAMP team: 19:17:21
how much money does Homeworks cost do you think?
BASEKAMP team: 19:17:35
sounded like a prety large event
Meg Frisch: 19:18:09
mm lost connection...
Aharon: 19:18:25
in what way, stephen, are these art works, like in home-works - are not symbolic..?
BASEKAMP team: 19:19:45
BASEKAMP team: 19:19:51
it's like las vegas
alemcj" title="salemcj">salem collo-julin: 19:19:59
but could you have gay sex with a bear and some beers on the sides of tanks?
BASEKAMP team: 19:20:23
salem you can totally do that in philadelphia
alemcj" title="salemcj">salem collo-julin: 19:20:25
thanks for answering my very important questions
BASEKAMP team: 19:20:27
minus the tanks
alemcj" title="salemcj">salem collo-julin: 19:20:28
alemcj" title="salemcj">salem collo-julin: 19:20:44
alemcj" title="salemcj">salem collo-julin: 19:20:51
we hope you're all wearing pants
alemcj" title="salemcj">salem collo-julin: 19:20:54
hi good!
BASEKAMP team: 19:20:56
what are ou guys doing over there
alemcj" title="salemcj">salem collo-julin: 19:20:57
hi all
alemcj" title="salemcj">salem collo-julin: 19:21:13
eandockray" title="seandockray">Sean Dockray: 19:21:36
so are political decisions effective ones? i mean you were talking before about how there were so many competing groups in political process and yet theres the sense that you can do anything, so are politics considered ineffective? irrelevant? affecting another sphere or life?
BASEKAMP team: 19:23:55
nice pic nato
Aharon: 19:26:01
is it not capitalism - exactly what u describe?
Aharon: 19:27:48
capitalism is not something organised.. the lack of state power just enables it to get more extreme.. like more extreme difference between rich and poor, etc..
BASEKAMP team: 19:28:04
are these considerations in forming the art academy there
eandockray" title="seandockray">Sean Dockray: 19:29:37
isnt it not the lack of state power, but the lack of a real political sphere (i honestly have no clue what politics actually looks like in beirut)-- if minimal state for neoliberalism is where the main role of government is just military defense/ prisons (and not necessarily the preservation or cultivation of public space)
eandockray" title="seandockray">Sean Dockray: 19:29:45
thats to aharon
alemcj" title="salemcj">salem collo-julin: 19:33:56
yeah, same thing happens on the south side of chicago too! seriously. culture history needs to come from the hands of the makers -- can't agree more
gregory sholette: 19:35:13
posted file MVI_3694.AVI to members of this chat<files alt=""><file size="2982620" index="0">MVI_3694.AVI</file></files>
Aharon: 19:37:08
it is a good question, that of the political sphere and power/state-power.. but the point i was trying to make is that via stephen's descriptions it did sound like a very capitalistic place.. (maybe my critique of state-power was too flat and off-the-hip-ish)
Aharon: 19:37:31
(who is speaking now at basekamp??)
BASEKAMP team: 19:38:19
that was Theresa Rose
Aharon: 19:38:59
theresa, you have a new voice fan! smiley
BASEKAMP team: 19:39:13
smiley  smiley  smiley
eandockray" title="seandockray">Sean Dockray: 19:39:47
what will be coming out of homeworks? do funders require some kind of publication? is there talk about what that will look like? obviously people are returning to their respective homes like nato said and brinigng somehting with them... but some of that energy goes into the new academy, what do you think is going to come out and are there better or worse things that can be done?
alemcj" title="salemcj">salem collo-julin: 19:39:59
cool to hear about texts & maybe even misunderstanding being a place for common ground
gregory sholette: 19:41:01
this is a very capitalist place - the middle east is a very capitalist place, but maybe not the kind of global captialism - or financialized capital - that we are so used to - its a city filled with many small enterprises - but hoping to reach, I suspect, into the global sphere, perhaps in competition with Dubai - which now is positioning itself as the new center of culture in the middle east "post" beirut and cairo - greg
eandockray" title="seandockray">Sean Dockray: 19:42:09
(bracketing my question: we are debating whether and how to do a publication for our recent drift with brian and im honestly curious about the question with respect to circulating concepts and discussions , like right now)
eandockray" title="seandockray">Sean Dockray: 19:42:24
its not a question!
eandockray" title="seandockray">Sean Dockray: 19:42:26
BASEKAMP team: 19:42:49
gregory sholette: 19:44:09
there are also many monied classes here - who have always had access to the west in a privileged way - so the question of starting up an art school is always already marked by that class problem - which here in Beirut is also complicated by religion and politics - this small country and city is like a pressure cooker of difference - g.
Aharon: 19:44:36
ok.. that is interesting "global" (dare i say "international") capitalism and it difference with outsider capitalism.. this is kind of having an interesting point re middle east politics/activities and its anachronistic nature visavi european/us perception.. indeed is it not that some of the fascination with mideast in eu/us is that its like a contemporary window into the past..
Aharon: 19:45:10
still fighting in phily.. smiley
gregory sholette: 19:45:30
I was born in philly - g
eandockray" title="seandockray">Sean Dockray: 19:45:51
great project
Aharon: 19:45:56
are they contributors, scott? not users..? smiley
BASEKAMP team: 19:46:09
re Sean -- yes
BASEKAMP team: 19:46:31
@ Aharon -- kind of both aren't they? what do you guys think?
eandockray" title="seandockray">Sean Dockray: 19:46:36
yeah i organize d ashow of videos here and been in touch with ashok about it..
gregory sholette: 19:46:50
eandockray" title="seandockray">Sean Dockray: 19:46:50
sebastian also did
BASEKAMP team: 19:47:08
apart from the question of whether or not usership is a form of production -- sounds as if there's a more active role
BASEKAMP team: 19:47:22
Sean ++
Aharon: 19:47:32
BASEKAMP team: 19:47:48
we Bet Stephen!
Aharon: 19:48:39
difference..?? pls define..?
gregory sholette: 19:49:16
posted file IMG_3667.JPG to members of this chat<files alt=""><file size="1028064" index="0">IMG_3667.JPG</file></files>
Aharon: 19:49:25
u said makes a diff
Aharon: 19:49:35
asked about define
eandockray" title="seandockray">Sean Dockray: 19:50:03
alemcj" title="salemcj">salem collo-julin: 19:50:50
basekamp = you'll have to post all these pix somewhere, I think they're only going to y'all. smiley beirut visitors -- can you quickly talk about the importance or unimportance of collectivism in beirut? I know that's a really large question and maybe not something you can deal with in 10 minutes
BASEKAMP team: 19:50:57
except FBI
Aharon: 19:51:01
Aharon: 19:52:12
immigrate..? smiley
gregory sholette: 19:52:20
difference in a very simple and direct sense: christian right, christian liberals, christian leftists (usually marxists but not stalinist), muslim islamic and more secular fundamental types, and just plain secular types - g
gregory sholette: 19:53:14
posted file IMG_3677.JPG to members of this chat<files alt=""><file size="591336" index="0">IMG_3677.JPG</file></files>
eandockray" title="seandockray">Sean Dockray: 19:53:29
salem's question?
Aharon: 19:54:13
to greg - these are just groupings that live in there.. not what art(???) does to make a different "difference" in the lebanon..
gregory sholette: 19:54:15
sorry Salem - your question again ( we have only about 5 minutes left on this internet account)
BASEKAMP team: 19:54:39
good timing.. since it's 7:55 smiley
gregory sholette: 19:54:59
Not sure what you mean Aharon by your question - can you quickly expand?
gregory sholette: 19:55:37
" these are just groupings that live in there" but this totaly defines the city and the place Aharon
Aharon: 19:55:38
the question is re stephs assertion that "art" makes a "difference" in beirut
gregory sholette: 19:55:54
can't speak for Stephen
alemcj" title="salemcj">salem collo-julin: 19:56:21
I said basically -  quickly talk about the importance or unimportance of collectivism in beirut? I know that's a really large question and maybe not something you can deal with in 10 minutes. So maybe this answers Theresa's ?, it's something to write about
Aharon: 19:56:32
sure they do.  r u saying they grouped via some art project?
BASEKAMP team: 19:56:48
we just emailed you 2 pics Greg
BASEKAMP team: 19:56:54
to you r gmail acct
gregory sholette: 19:56:56
hey Salem - collectivism is here and alive - but not as fluid or informal as in Chicago - g
BASEKAMP team: 19:57:13
well.. there's not an academy there like SAIC yet right??
BASEKAMP team: 19:57:18
Aharon: 19:57:39
what kind of a difference..?
alemcj" title="salemcj">salem collo-julin: 19:57:39
oh lord
gregory sholette: 19:57:44
saic? hardly. its still very formal and rigid according to our local friends - g
BASEKAMP team: 19:57:45
alemcj" title="salemcj">salem collo-julin: 19:58:05
gregory sholette: 19:58:08
so we must say good night - stephen has his last beer
gregory sholette: 19:58:24
so much for collectivism !
alemcj" title="salemcj">salem collo-julin: 19:58:27
eandockray" title="seandockray">Sean Dockray: 19:58:33
thanks all -- was great to hear about this
alemcj" title="salemcj">salem collo-julin: 19:58:52
Aharon: 19:58:57
alemcj" title="salemcj">salem collo-julin: 19:59:02
thanks all
Aharon: 19:59:02
alemcj" title="salemcj">salem collo-julin: 19:59:09
good luck!
Aharon: 19:59:09
Meg Frisch: 19:59:13
thank you!
BASEKAMP team: 19:59:16
till next time!
BASEKAMP team: 19:59:41
someone want to play some closing music?
Meg Frisch: 19:59:56
doo doo dooo didlly doo
BASEKAMP team: 20:00:13
da da da
eanstoops" title="seanstoops">Sean Stoops: 20:00:32
oh- good night!
BASEKAMP team: 20:00:57
BASEKAMP team: 20:01:00
lol even