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BASEKAMP team: 18:00:00
how are you all doing tonight?
Lannes Quentin: 18:01:09
Lannes Quentin: 18:01:34
i'm not sure I understand the question ^^
atrowbri: 18:01:52
smiley  smiley
Lannes Quentin: 18:02:04
it's too late now
Lannes Quentin: 18:02:07
Henken Bean: 18:02:18
hey basekamp
Martin Peeks: 18:02:32
hi everyone smiley
Lannes Quentin: 18:02:44
Greg Scranton: 18:02:47
hey everyone
Mathieu Girard: 18:02:48
BASEKAMP team: 18:03:39
Quentin - well, there area  few french speakers who can help translate @ any point I think smiley
BASEKAMP team: 18:04:02
Renée Ridgway says hi by the way!
Lannes Quentin: 18:04:25
I will understand by myself smiley
BASEKAMP team: 18:05:31
stephen, can you turn your skype status to Available?
stephen wright: 18:08:56
Am I connected?
BASEKAMP team: 18:10:29
hi stephen yes - you looked disconnected for a moment
stephen wright: 18:10:38
I felt that way too
ost-autonomy" title="post-autonomy">post-autonomy: 18:10:50
what is happening?
BASEKAMP team: 18:10:54
apologies for this taking a while.. technically we are all set, but people keep pinging us about tonight's chat --
ost-autonomy" title="post-autonomy">post-autonomy: 18:11:01
Is every one warming up
BASEKAMP team: 18:11:03
who would like to join the audio tonight?
ost-autonomy" title="post-autonomy">post-autonomy: 18:11:13
or am I missing something as usual
stephen wright: 18:11:17
we would
BASEKAMP team: 18:11:25
david - i think so yes smiley in a sense
stephen wright: 18:11:28
no, David -- hi by the way -- nothing yet
stephen wright: 18:11:50
in what sense, scott?
oui: 18:11:53
BASEKAMP team: 18:12:00
oh,,, i meant - yes everyone is warming up >smiley
antoine moreau: 18:12:09
o !
stephen wright: 18:12:58
Lannes Quentin: 18:13:20
hello (salut)
Jessica Westbrook: 18:13:28
Henken Bean: 18:13:30
smiley warming u - nija style
stephen wright: 18:13:32
so we have our notes, our beer, and we're kinda ready to go
antoine moreau: 18:13:37
Salut (hello)
Mathieu Girard: 18:13:58
salut too
Martin Peeks: 18:14:26
BASEKAMP team: 18:17:11
BASEKAMP team: 18:17:19
BASEKAMP team: 18:18:34
Greg Scranton: 18:19:34
Not sure how many were/are following aaaarg situation but seems for now they are back up and running here: (despite weird header)
atrowbri: 18:20:00
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BASEKAMP team: 18:20:08
ty greg  smiley
BASEKAMP team: 18:20:18
adam let's hAck it
Greg Scranton: 18:20:33
ha ha sure.
Greg Scranton: 18:21:34
hello A & J how is Sophie...ok?
atrowbri: 18:21:40
Greg Scranton: 18:21:47
BASEKAMP team: 18:25:22
"what do you mean by free?"
Jessica Westbrook: 18:26:02
ya someone needs to ressurect aaaarg
Greg Scranton: 18:26:04
are we live? if so can you call me?
BASEKAMP team: 18:26:27
h igreg - re-adding you
Greg Scranton: 18:26:38
BASEKAMP team: 18:26:44
np smiley
BASEKAMP team: 18:28:39
antoine moreau: 18:29:21
Greg Scranton: 18:30:01
was just going to ask how this is different than Larry Lessig's license thx Stephen
Greg Scranton: 18:30:54
other "copyleft" + "art" sites:
Greg Scranton: 18:30:56
BASEKAMP team: 18:32:25
adding you Elysa
Greg Scranton: 18:32:56
sorry : meant to be ? as in if others had examples
Elysa Lozano: 18:33:12
hi! thank you
BASEKAMP team: 18:33:18
antoine moreau: 18:34:07
BASEKAMP team: 18:34:39
hi Jonathan -- adding you now!
Jonathan Simpson: 18:36:22
antoine moreau: 18:36:46
To benefit from the Free Art License, you only need to mention the following elements on your work:

[Name of the author, title, date of the work. When applicable, names of authors of the common work and, if possible, where to find the originals].

Copyleft: This is a free work, you can copy, distribute, and modify it under the terms of the Free Art License
BASEKAMP team: 18:37:18
hi Jonathan
antoine moreau: 18:39:27
BASEKAMP team: 18:39:56
haha yeah
Elysa Lozano: 18:40:47
did anyone else lose audio?
BASEKAMP team: 18:40:58
elysa will call u bak
Lannes Quentin: 18:41:06
BASEKAMP team: 18:41:22
quentin you are stil on the call yes?
Lannes Quentin: 18:41:54
yes, there is some crash sound sometimes, but i'm still here
Greg Scranton: 18:42:25
anyone know this essay?
BASEKAMP team: 18:43:24
everyone please mute your audio when not speaking --- thanks  smiley
antoine moreau: 18:43:29
BASEKAMP team: 18:43:42
smiley  smiley  smiley  smiley  smiley  smiley smiley  smiley  smiley  smiley  smiley  smiley smiley  smiley  smiley  smiley  smiley  smiley smiley  smiley  smiley  smiley  smiley  smiley smiley  smiley  smiley  smiley  smiley  smiley smiley  smiley  smiley  smiley  smiley  smiley smiley  smiley  smiley  smiley  smiley  smiley smiley  smiley  smiley  smiley  smiley  smiley smiley  smiley  smiley  smiley  smiley  smiley smiley  smiley  smiley  smiley  smiley  smiley smiley  smiley  smiley  smiley  smiley  smiley smiley  smiley  smiley  smiley  smiley  smiley smiley  smiley  smiley  smiley  smiley  smiley smiley  smiley  smiley  smiley  smiley  smiley smiley  smiley  smiley  smiley  smiley  smiley
Jonathan Simpson: 18:43:55
BASEKAMP team: 18:44:03
greg i don't think so
Greg Scranton: 18:44:15
mmm Coke Zero and a Camel, sounds good right about now
antoine moreau: 18:44:49
Greg Scranton: 18:45:11
diapers...lots of familiar...are those copyleft diapers?
Lannes Quentin: 18:45:21
do you know the face of toto?
BASEKAMP team: 18:45:37
what is ADaM
antoine moreau: 18:45:38
Free films :
Lannes Quentin: 18:45:39
I think it's a french joke
stephen wright: 18:46:19
kassandre is a collective of filmmakers working under free art licence
Greg Scranton: 18:47:21
the images seem to be taken by the same person?
stephen wright: 18:47:54
more than 12 000 pictures on line
Greg Scranton: 18:47:59
Toutes les photos (12567)
Greg Scranton: 18:48:30
oh i see!
Greg Scranton: 18:49:43
antoine moreau: 18:50:13
antoine moreau: 18:50:17
Greg Scranton: 18:51:26
these are really fascinating images but I feel like a voyeur...
ost-autonomy" title="post-autonomy">post-autonomy: 18:51:31
I dont think I agree with what your saying here
ost-autonomy" title="post-autonomy">post-autonomy: 18:51:52
in the UK it comes down to financial issues
antoine moreau: 18:52:45 smiley
Greg Scranton: 18:53:48
happens all the time in the US! For instance:
BASEKAMP team: 18:55:13
greg nice one
Greg Scranton: 18:55:52
right! so if some corporation wants to use your work to sell products then they can but then EVERYONE else can use the commercial produced by the corporation for whatever creative purposes they would like.  Big $$ loathes this idea!
stephen wright: 18:56:30
please repeat that!
antoine moreau: 18:56:37
copyleft is not web 2.0
stephen wright: 18:56:43
stephen wright: 18:57:00
someone was asking a question -- which we couldn't hear
Elysa Lozano: 18:57:06
it undermines the value system used for creating a price on a work of art, so maybe its part of a vision for a different type of art economy?
ost-autonomy" title="post-autonomy">post-autonomy: 18:57:34
 but your right this form of licience doesnt work for art works
Greg Scranton: 18:57:42
sure but many "web 2.0" entities embrace copyleft or at least creative commons licensing
ost-autonomy" title="post-autonomy">post-autonomy: 18:57:46
here in the UK
BASEKAMP team: 18:58:53
adding you le triangle!
BASEKAMP team: 18:59:22
greg re Flickr - etc
BASEKAMP team: 18:59:31
was the big win
le triangle: 18:59:49
Greg Scranton: 19:00:06
assuming Artworks are different than Creative works
Greg Scranton: 19:00:21
I don't make that distinction, at least not immediately
le triangle: 19:01:01
The thing is that once you give your rights of that artwork to FAL you cannot claim them back
le triangle: 19:01:08
same as creative commons
le triangle: 19:01:45
also if you have the rights of an art work you can set an agreement with the person who wants to use it so they don't have to pay you a fee
BASEKAMP team: 19:03:13
right, so be careful b4 u CC or CL!
antoine moreau: 19:03:20
BASEKAMP team: 19:03:24
smiley  smiley  smiley  smiley
le triangle: 19:05:55
The thing is that most art colleges do not teach us this...smiley
BASEKAMP team: 19:09:03
society for gift?
stephen wright: 19:09:13
Elysa Lozano: 19:09:15
gift economy?
antoine moreau: 19:09:20
le triangle: 19:10:05
guys you gotta understand that
le triangle: 19:10:13
le triangle: 19:10:17
that thing is in france
antoine moreau: 19:10:22
stephen wright: 19:10:23
the founders of pirate bay -- our heroes!
le triangle: 19:10:25
check your local laws first
BASEKAMP team: 19:10:33
le triangle: 19:10:39
Greg Scranton: 19:11:13
le triangle: 19:11:53
once that you are under the reative commons agreement you have to stick to that
le triangle: 19:12:04
le triangle: 19:12:34
depends on the country
le triangle: 19:13:29
some countries protect it for 17years other for more or less time
stephen wright: 19:13:40
stephen wright: 19:13:45
years that is
Henken Bean: 19:13:48
i gots to go,
Henken Bean: 19:13:54
ciao basekamp
Greg Scranton: 19:14:03
c ya Henken
BASEKAMP team: 19:14:04
hi Elizabeth -- can you turn your status to Available?
Greg Scranton: 19:14:07
Greg Scranton: 19:14:09
for US
BASEKAMP team: 19:14:11
l8ter Henken!
pacesyntaxgirl" title="spacesyntaxgirl">Elizabeth: 19:14:12
yes sorry
le triangle: 19:14:17
Lannes Quentin: 19:14:26
what do you think about public freehold of laurence weiner?
BASEKAMP team: 19:14:45
ok, adding you to the chat now
le triangle: 19:14:49
another thing is that if your work is used in other country you are covered within the law of the country where you registered it
Lannes Quentin: 19:15:43
He already do that
le triangle: 19:16:15
sorry i had bad audiosmiley
BASEKAMP team: 19:18:01
re Richard Stallman, yes
stephen wright: 19:18:13
Most languages have two words for what in English we call "free"
BASEKAMP team: 19:18:35
but we are talking about a question --- where ideology meets economy
stephen wright: 19:18:50
in French, "gratuit" versus "libre"
antoine moreau: 19:18:58
le triangle: 19:19:03
it should be free and free-of-charge
BASEKAMP team: 19:19:09
hi aharon, adding you to the audio now!
ost-autonomy" title="post-autonomy">post-autonomy: 19:19:29
how does this idea differ to the notion of the multiple? Which in many respects touches on the notion of the gift and something equivalent to a free art work
Aharon: 19:19:51
pacesyntaxgirl" title="spacesyntaxgirl">Elizabeth: 19:20:13
Architecture for Humanity designs are the same - free to all
BASEKAMP team: 19:20:16
HI aharon
ost-autonomy" title="post-autonomy">post-autonomy: 19:21:18
this was used as a marketing tool by artists to reach different levels of the market and audiences
antoine moreau: 19:22:36
le triangle: 19:22:38
That something is free of charge  doesn't mean that it doesn't belong to someone...
Elysa Lozano: 19:23:44
maybe I missed this in the beginning - how are 'author's rights' defined by FAL?
Greg Scranton: 19:24:20
le triangle: 19:24:20
le triangle: 19:24:24
FTW !!!
Lannes Quentin: 19:25:51
I think that the signification of antoine's free is available
Greg Scranton: 19:25:54
ha ha I love that "you are a paradoxical guy" I want that etched on my headstone
Jonathan Simpson: 19:26:15
Howdy folks.
Aharon: 19:26:20
good point, stephen
BASEKAMP team: 19:26:33
Catharine MacKinnon is like that too... the law is a territory to occupy and re-develop in the service of ethics
Jonathan Simpson: 19:26:56
Aharon: 19:26:57
why does it need a law/rule?
Jonathan Simpson: 19:26:58
Greg Scranton: 19:27:12
seems to me the question becomes how is it enforced.  If it's a social expectation devoid of any "authority" then it is in a way very anarchistic
le triangle: 19:27:25
He is right, you gotta have it written down...clear example: the one claim it until some guy registered it as his...i'll bet you'll want a contract to claim something as is beyond caring or not about the law is about caring about your pieces
le triangle: 19:27:30
art works
ost-autonomy" title="post-autonomy">post-autonomy: 19:27:50
Hursts dot paintings were initially given away free by his gallery along with a purchased art work.
Elysa Lozano: 19:28:28
anarhcy isnt necessary antithetical to 'law'
BASEKAMP team: 19:28:33
good point
Greg Scranton: 19:28:33
sure and galleries are free to look whereas museums are not but why?
Greg Scranton: 19:28:56
authority and authenticity
Aharon: 19:29:00
are you talking about law as rules that constitute stuff, or that define stuff?
ost-autonomy" title="post-autonomy">post-autonomy: 19:29:21
it is basically about being professional, and understanding  at which position your art work and ideas can be effective. The politics of culture
Greg Scranton: 19:29:47
Jonathan Simpson: 19:30:02
can I be called back in smiley lost audio.
Greg Scranton: 19:30:05
we're using
Greg Scranton: 19:30:17
not sure if this qualifies as copyleft
BASEKAMP team: 19:30:29
jonathan yes
BASEKAMP team: 19:30:43
calling u now
Jonathan Simpson: 19:30:58
thanks smiley
le triangle: 19:31:15
post-autonomy smiley
Greg Scranton: 19:31:19
it's not that difficult it? I mean it's spelled out for potential creative foks
ost-autonomy" title="post-autonomy">post-autonomy: 19:31:34
sturtevant tested many of these issues out in the 60's
Greg Scranton: 19:31:45
wait why?
ost-autonomy" title="post-autonomy">post-autonomy: 19:31:45
the free use of art
Greg Scranton: 19:31:49
I don;t get that
stephen wright: 19:31:50
Sorry greg
Greg Scranton: 19:32:26
free as in $$$ not speech then!!!!
Aharon: 19:32:36
does it not the case that your licence acknowledge money as an exchange mode by default - hence free by metaphor??
BASEKAMP team: 19:32:38
for example our site is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License... so that is not copyleft because it's decidedly non-commercial?
Greg Scranton: 19:33:16
I'm having real trouble understanding how Free=Speech is it's contingent upon it being commercially viable
ost-autonomy" title="post-autonomy">post-autonomy: 19:33:28
if your inside the art world you can steal and replicate whatever other art works that you want to so long as it maintains the system
stephen wright: 19:33:33
me too
Greg Scranton: 19:33:46
so then isn't the only truly free license "public domain"?
stephen wright: 19:34:09
non commercial is wasp, puritan ideology
stephen wright: 19:34:15
is it?
Aharon: 19:34:29
only if you think that monetary exchange mode is required
stephen wright: 19:34:55
Antoine's point is that money is neither required nor bad
Aharon: 19:34:57
if you do - that is very conservative of you, isn't it?
Aharon: 19:35:43
but money is seen as a requirement
le triangle: 19:35:44
exactly he's taling about owning the rights of the art work which not necessarily means that you'll be ashing in tons of $$
le triangle: 19:35:55
BASEKAMP team: 19:36:20
yes... not a literal -- but a very powerful argument
le triangle: 19:36:34
Aharon: 19:36:52
a medium is important.. smiley
ost-autonomy" title="post-autonomy">post-autonomy: 19:37:23
All the rich artists working in london with galleries work for free so that their galleries make money from their work
Greg Scranton: 19:37:28
so then by licensing something as non-commercial you are assigning more importance and legitimation and thus authority to $$$?  Actually I kinda see that...your turning me around on this one smiley
BASEKAMP team: 19:37:34
david lol
BASEKAMP team: 19:38:08
grrg noooooooooooooo oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
stephen wright: 19:38:09
non-commercial is based on the FEAR that someone might rip us off and make money off our work. and fear is a bad motivation for anything.
ost-autonomy" title="post-autonomy">post-autonomy: 19:38:09
what happens is that their work is distributed via the galleries contacts
BASEKAMP team: 19:38:11
atrowbri: 19:38:23
Aharon: 19:38:32
yup. i agree. fear is indeed an element.. maybe we need a philosophy of fear.. (or is that capitalism..?)
ost-autonomy" title="post-autonomy">post-autonomy: 19:38:50
there is no fear I am certain I will be ripped off
BASEKAMP team: 19:38:52
atrowbri smiley  smiley
le triangle: 19:38:56
BASEKAMP team: 19:39:24
Kris here has a Question...
stephen wright: 19:39:45
Greg Scranton: 19:40:05
ha ha ha BK I was just kiding hence the smiley
ost-autonomy" title="post-autonomy">post-autonomy: 19:40:15
what you are basically talking about is positioning in culture
antoine moreau: 19:40:29
ost-autonomy" title="post-autonomy">post-autonomy: 19:40:30
i.e cultural politics
le triangle: 19:41:40
we should address he difference of owning an art work or owning the rights of that work...i mean, when you sell something doesn't necessarily means that you sell the rights of use i.e. making profit out of it.
le triangle: 19:41:45
le triangle: 19:42:02
i meant *mean...
Greg Scranton: 19:42:30
From that essay I posted a link to: "While narrowing this field of contestation, Creative Commons simultaneously portrays itself as radical, as the avant-garde of the battle against intellectual property. Creative Commons has become a kind of default orthodoxy in non-commercial licensing, and a popular cause among artists and intellectuals who consider themselves generally on the left and against the IP regime in particular. The Creative Commons label is moralistically invoked on countless sites, blogs, speeches, essays, artworks and pieces of music as if it constituted the necessary and sufficient condition for the coming revolution of a truly “free culture.” Creative Commons is part of a larger copyfight movement, which is defined as a fight to keep intellectual property tethered to its original purpose and to prevent it from going too far."
Greg Scranton: 19:42:31
antoine moreau: 19:42:44
stephen wright: 19:42:47
who really owns ideas? asks scott. the ownership of things is based on scarcity. But ideas are unlimited, so their ownership is based on artificial scarcity.
ost-autonomy" title="post-autonomy">post-autonomy: 19:43:19
Well sturtevant was chased out of New York for testing out these ideas
Aharon: 19:43:32
the attribution becomes scarese
Greg Scranton: 19:43:33
artificial scarcity = scarcity of resources = Hobbes reason for civic society/organized government
stephen wright: 19:43:57
Aharon: 19:45:22
but that depends on the monetray exchange mode. if u had a good idea and some one else used it, but that would not affect your ability to eat, fuck and dream - then wth..
ost-autonomy" title="post-autonomy">post-autonomy: 19:45:50
well that is not correct
Aharon: 19:46:52
if it is a law, the producer of it has domination
ost-autonomy" title="post-autonomy">post-autonomy: 19:47:07
if someone is in a better position to use that idea and have the access to the means of publicity and distribution
ost-autonomy" title="post-autonomy">post-autonomy: 19:47:32
then if you dont your ideas are worthless
Aharon: 19:47:49
art the way of which freedom?
Greg Scranton: 19:47:59
by worthless you mean priceless?
Aharon: 19:48:01
if it is free - y need protection??
Aharon: 19:48:12
y is this binary there?
BASEKAMP team: 19:48:33
Guys, we have the co-organizers of FOSSCON here -- (Free & Open Source Software Conference), taking place this weekend @ Rochester Institute of Technology
stephen wright: 19:48:46
art is essentially free -- or else it is not art. But art could be threatened in its freedom if it failed to protect it
stephen wright: 19:49:08
Freedom too needs protection because it is a fragile potential
Greg Scranton: 19:49:18
FOSSCON is but a few days away smiley
Lannes Quentin: 19:49:25
(bye everybody, it's 02:00 AM in france, i was happy to listen this conversation)
Greg Scranton: 19:49:39
bye Lannes!
Greg Scranton: 19:49:45
or Quentin
Lannes Quentin: 19:49:50
Greg Scranton: 19:49:57
Aharon: 19:50:03
well.. in that case.. traditional collectors/museums etc. they "protect" art "freedom.. welcome to kafka, again..
antoine moreau: 19:50:24
bye Quentin
Aharon: 19:50:33
ciao q
Lannes Quentin: 19:50:47
stephen wright: 19:50:55
le triangle: 19:51:08
they don't protect art freedom they protect art use...
stephen wright: 19:51:16
free use
stephen wright: 19:51:25
not just use
le triangle: 19:51:33
and we go back to the use of the word "free"
le triangle: 19:51:42
stephen wright: 19:51:47
first word of Free art license
le triangle: 19:52:30
it's a linguistics issue then they said before most laguages have to different words for wat we're talking about
Greg Scranton: 19:52:32
also think it's awesome that you reached out to BK!
Aharon: 19:52:41
their reason of being becomes that of the military and police etxc - to protect. and that is where freedom ends
Aharon: 19:52:59
..or is it?
stephen wright: 19:53:12
i think, in all fairness, that Free Art License is pretty different than the military
Aharon: 19:53:48
yup, stephen.. was ref the comment re collectors etc..
ost-autonomy" title="post-autonomy">post-autonomy: 19:54:24
The purpose of art institutions is to project their cultural stock, and the legitimacy that maintains its cultural capital
stephen wright: 19:54:25
Hey Fosscom folks. It's cool that plausible artworlds are part of your meeting!
stephen wright: 19:54:58
But if our collaboration is to be fruitful, we need to emphasise our different approaches, not our similarities
le triangle: 19:55:20
let's change free for gratuitous art license
stephen wright: 19:55:27
We need to mutualise our incompetencies as much as our compentencies
Martin Peeks: 19:55:28
it's pretty awesome to be able to link FOSS with free/libre *culture* as a whole. it's easy to mentally seperate them and i probably usually do (despite having been involved in both sides to an extent), so this whole conversation's been really interesting and the conference keynoting seems great
Aharon: 19:55:29
though the idea of req protection via a law - might have militaristic similarities.. this is not a finger pointing crit, but a self questioning one..
stephen wright: 19:55:39
(gratuitous is pretty pejorative in English)
le triangle: 19:55:52
Greg Scranton: 19:55:57
Scott do you mean a singular project that reflects a copy left attitude?
Greg Scranton: 19:56:07
eanstoops" title="seanstoops">Sean Stoops: 19:56:09
sorry my connection dropped out. I think I'm back now.
BASEKAMP team: 19:56:24
"We need to mutualise our incompetencies as much as our compentencies"
Aharon: 19:56:49
a history of copyleft to begin with.. smiley
BASEKAMP team: 19:57:10
Greg i mean... would anyone here like to offer something to the mix... not necessarily any united voice, i mean, even a completely differing opinion or idea
Greg Scranton: 19:57:21
stephen wright: 19:57:56
the freedom of freedom... hmm... that's conceptual artlike
BASEKAMP team: 19:58:09
also... we are in the midst of putting togehter the presentation.. which we intend to be a bewildering array of free and open source cultural examples
ost-autonomy" title="post-autonomy">post-autonomy: 19:58:37
But there is a problem where freedom folds over into boundlessness and the free flow of capital
le triangle: 19:59:00
we're born free...but then comes the lawwwww
le triangle: 19:59:02
ost-autonomy" title="post-autonomy">post-autonomy: 19:59:12
which then turns into colonisation and globalisation
Aharon: 19:59:42 the clash observed very well.. smiley
stephen wright: 19:59:58
I fought that law
stephen wright: 20:00:02
and it won
Aharon: 20:00:11
inddeeedd.. smiley
BASEKAMP team: 20:00:15
freedom from freedom of freedom
Greg Scranton: 20:00:24
who are the Clash?
BASEKAMP team: 20:00:29
Aharon: 20:00:58 greg at al
ost-autonomy" title="post-autonomy">post-autonomy: 20:01:08
which is the reason art is so intrinsically linked to capitalism
Aharon: 20:01:10
clash primer
stephen wright: 20:01:17
without art, free software is not free
Greg Scranton: 20:01:29
sorry Aharon I was totally kidding! smiley
stephen wright: 20:01:31
what is free about it is the art of doing free software
Aharon: 20:01:49
couldnt catch your smile there.. smiley
Greg Scranton: 20:01:56
Aharon: 20:02:36
what is the art of doing it? a world..? smiley
Jonathan Simpson: 20:02:44
I don't think it matters if it is.
Aharon: 20:02:46
it could be!! smiley
Jonathan Simpson: 20:02:47
do it anyway smiley
Jonathan Simpson: 20:02:55
it's someones birthday somewhere!
Greg Scranton: 20:03:13
July 12th!
Jonathan Simpson: 20:03:49
i say you just pretend its your birthday anyways
Aharon: 20:04:01
its gonna b 13th.. smiley
le triangle: 20:04:03
it's my dog's bday!!
Jonathan Simpson: 20:04:03
(crissi, the keyboard thief)
Elysa Lozano: 20:04:13
thank you!
ost-autonomy" title="post-autonomy">post-autonomy: 20:04:23
yes thank you
Aharon: 20:04:26
thank u too!
Jonathan Simpson: 20:04:29
Jonathan Simpson: 20:04:39
I should add one thing.
ost-autonomy" title="post-autonomy">post-autonomy: 20:04:56
I will be organising a series of radio programs soon
Jonathan Simpson: 20:04:59
Scott, theres a promo code for you guys too...
Greg Scranton: 20:05:00
I'll be there (I hope(
Jonathan Simpson: 20:05:03
Jonathan Simpson: 20:05:33
thanks guys, good night smiley
Martin Peeks: 20:05:36
thanks guys, night smiley
antoine moreau: 20:05:39
Bye & thanks a lot
pacesyntaxgirl" title="spacesyntaxgirl">Elizabeth: 20:05:53
Many thanks, bye
BASEKAMP team: 20:06:05
Jonathan yes -- if anyone thinks they can go, we have room in a car heading there an dback from Philadelphia
BASEKAMP team: 20:06:32
there is a fee for the conference, but like Jonathan said there' s apromo code so -- let us know if you'd like to join us!
Greg Scranton: 20:06:40
nite all
BASEKAMP team: 20:06:50
g'night Greg!
BASEKAMP team: 20:07:00
smiley i loved the b-day thing btw
BASEKAMP team: 20:07:28
atrowbri, so you say we might be able to stay with that band.. Crucifist? in Rochester?
BASEKAMP team: 20:09:09
BTW, the FOSSCON keynote skype thing is 9:30am-10:00am EST
BASEKAMP team: 20:09:52
Check out
BASEKAMP team: 20:10:18
examples of the sessions are "Demystifying GPL Enforcement: Using the Law To Uphold Copyleft

Bradley Kuhn"
BASEKAMP team: 20:10:28
BASEKAMP team: 20:10:35
so... related
BASEKAMP team: 20:10:42
see you there!